Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” Video @taylorswift13 ‏


We all had our suspicions about “Look what You Made Me Do,” and for good reason.

Now, with the premiere of its accompanying visuals, Taylor Swift has only confirmed what we’d already chalked up to be the truth.

In the new clip, directed by Joseph Kahn, the pop songstress takes up multiple personas that kick off with her in a grave with a tombstone that reads, “Taylor Swift’s Reputation.”

The video is peppered throughout with images of snakes, a clear reference to the Twitter fiasco in which the singer’s name became synonymous with the snake emoji after Kim Kardashian pegged her as such when she denied ever giving Kanye West approval to use her name and likeness for his “Famous” track of last year.

The visuals’ most powerful imagery arrives at the end as multiple Taylor Swifts appear at once, representing various stages of her career, inlcuding her earlier days sporting long blonde curls and the innocent and wholesome aspirations that came with dreams of being a Country music star.

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