Rick Ross feat. Meek Mill “Lamborghini Doors” [Video] @RickRoss @MeekMill


While Rick Ross and Meek Mill were recently at the center of some drama over the latter sharing a stage with 50 Cent, it would appear that the boss and the protege have hashed out whatever bad blood may have arisen. And yes, Rick Ross did drop a song last night with the eerily coincidental title of “Jumping Ship,” but the subject matter had absolutely nothing to do with either  50 or Meek. Suffice it to say, the Boss may not have been crazy about seeing Meek on stage with one of his most bitter rivals, but you don’t get to where Ross is by being an irrational hothead.

Now, the two MMG signees have teamed up with soulful singer Anthony Hamiltonto deliver a pristine, lavish video for “Lamborghini Doors.” As one of Rather You Than Me’s more grandiose cuts, it’s no surprise that the track ultimately landed such a high budget video treatment – after all, you don’t shoot a video for a song called “Lamborghini Doors” by being a stingy bastard. On the video’s conception, Ross explained that “‘Lamborghini Doors’ is one of my favorite records on Rather You Than Me. It was only right I connect with my brother Meek Mill and give the public a #epic visual. Double M.”

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