Migos “Too Hotty” Video @Migos


Almost as soon as Culture hit the (internet) shelves, the trio of Atlanta trappers, Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, quickly began promoting the second instalment to the chart-topping album, Culture 2. Since then, if you follow any of the Migos on Instagram, you’re likely to see hints to Culture 2 almost daily, including glimpses at studio sessions and general flexing for the forthcoming album. Even with Culture out, the trio didn’t really slow down, instead picking up speed on features both as solo artists (Quavo leads the pack — just look here — but Offset seems to be following closely– p.s. check out London On Da Track’s single) and as a group.

Among the records they released post-Culture, as a group, there was “To Hotty” back in May – yes, at that time, the title was grammatically incorrect but it was still a certified banger and instantly fans flocked to it. Nonetheless, it seemed like a loose record, released without much thought or strategy. Now the trio have decided to release the record as a single proper, and fix their previous grammar errors, with “Too Hotty.” The single hits streaming services of all kinds today, and they’ve dropped a music video for it too. The visual is directed by both DAPS and Migos, tinted in red and blue lighting creating a cinematic feel. The scenes in the music video aren’t necessarily connected to anything, with a room full of foliage where we first find Offset, while Quavo and Takeoff make use of a welding machine, causing sparks to fly, and additional pyro effects with piles of fire.

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