Kodak Black – “No Flockin 2 (Bodak Orange)” [Video] @KodakBlack1k


Cardi B is currently winning with her hit single “Bodak Yellow,” which is currently embroiled in a streaming war with Taylor Swift as Cardi B and her fanbase vie for the #1 record in the country. We’re rooting for it, as are a host of other celebrities and artists, evidently– Janet Jackson recently co-signed the single too, using it as part of a recent dance routine live. Although it’s Cardi B’s record, she’s given a lot of respect and shout outs to Kodak Black for inspiring the song’s flow– she hasn’t been shy about that. Finally, the two connected on wax, with Kodak Black appropriately hopping on “Bodak Yellow” for a remix, the official version of which just dropped last night. As if that’s not enough though, Kodak Black is taking it a step further with a song in response to “Bodak Yellow,” aptly titled “Bodak Orange” aka “No Flockin 2.” Thus, it’s a follow-up to the single that caught him his first big break, on top of the single that inspired Cardi.

“No Flockin 2” uses the same beat as its predecessor track: a slow-moving but ominous production from VinnyXProd, that builds up alongside Kodak’s particularly drugged-out flow. The revamped version of the record comes with a visual that’s directed by Kodak, and basically serves as an update as to where he’s currently at, especially in context and comparison to the first “No Flockin.” The Florida native also litters it with current references, including to Cardi B’s own “Bodak Yellow” (“money moves, these bloody shoes, I’m trippin, Christian Louboutin,” he raps), as well as all his would-be imitators (Cardi?).

Are you feeling the new “No Flockin 2”? The rapper is relatively fresh off the release off Project Baby 2 too, which itself has sparked a few remixes for his stand-out “Roll In Peace” track (namely, Travis Scott).


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