Kid Ink “Sweet Chin Music” [Video] @Kid_Ink


Coming off of his “Girlfriend” remix from earlier this month, Kid Ink has turned his new music video into a travelogue of sorts with the visual for “Sweet Chin Music.” Shot in different locations around Bangkok, Thailand, the video is mostly preoccupied with framing the rapper against some of the city’s most striking landmarks, including some temples, intricately detailed stone statues from a bygone era and the Democracy Monument, which honors the Thai constitution. Of all the locations Ink stands and raps along to his song in, the latter gets the most face time by far.

One of the simple pleasures of this video is when the camera will give you fleeting glimpses into the life of a local, taking on the role of omniscient observer and just letting the action play out as it normally would. I kind of wish that there had been more of a balance between this sort of footage and shots of Kid Ink doing this thing, but I suppose I’m grateful for whatever the video is willing to offer up in this way. There’s a lot of attention paid to Ink’s bling as well. With several shots framed so that he can accentuate his watch or chain, some of the stunting is pretty obvious from the get-go.

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