Infor Minister, Lai Mohamed concedes jollof rice to Senegal


The social media space has been buzzing recently over statement that Senegal makes a better jollof rice than Nigeria.

Obviously, Nigeria’s minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed made it happen. Mohammed was on a chat with CNN’s Richard Quest, where he said that Senegal makes the best jollof rice than Nigeria.

Well, last I checked, jollof rice was known as one of Nigeria’s biggest delicacies. So I too am confused.

But as you know, Nigerians have no chill for nothing, especially when it rubs off on their pride.

For some Nigerians, Lai Mohammed’s statement was an unforgivable offence. Trust Nigerians to draw blood with the slightest opportunity.

Tweeps took to Twitter to call the information minister out.
Here are some of the angry tweets.



But it looks like the APC in United Kingdom has risen to his defence.


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