Internationally recognized forex trader Jerry Akomah highlights fundamental tips on how to become a successfull forex trader


Once again our very own  Mr Jerry Akoma who is globally celebrated across the continent for his proficiency in the Forex trading business has made the headlines again and is infact now trending on both television and social media as a result of his recent profit margin in the Forex business. This experienced business tycoon was in fact one of the top ten local investors in the Forex business in the year 2015. Mr Jerry started just like every other investor with a passion and drive for success in forex trading and it is no news how much growth, increase and fame his Forex business has brought him over the past few years.

Mr Jerry who is a member of the international association of Forex traders was recently interviewed by a reliable source where he gave fundamental tips on how to become a successfull Forex trader and here was what he had to say

1. You must develop a trading strategy 2. Set stop loss for every trade otherwise failure becomes inevitable 3. Keep your emotion separate from trading 4. Don’t be afraid of losses cos every trader has it 5. Don’t risk more than 2% of your margin for every single trade..

Mr Jerry revealed that his company would be training a few interested persons with the required start up capital.So here are contacts on how to reach Mr Jerry and his Agency.
+2348065816491/ whatspps +2348173025924


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