Eearz “If You Knew Better” Video @eearz


Eearz is still dropping videos for tracks from his debut project, Eearz to da Streets Vol. 1, released in October 2015. The songs are still sounding fresh, though — a sign that the world is still catching up to his unique artistry. And he pours inspiration into his videos. The new “If You Knew Better” visual is a powerful and challenging piece of self-reflection from the underrated Ear Drummers artist.

In between footage of Eearz returning home and embracing his family members, he lies on a heap of old family photos, singing about the years he took his life for granted while in the trap. The hook — “if you knew better, you would do better” — is strangely haunting. Eearz admits to himself that he does, in fact, know better — and he challenges the viewer to do the same.

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